"Loren has a great eye; she will often pull something for me that I would never think would be flattering, but when I put it on, it's amazing!"

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I am so glad I have Loren Pearlman in my life! I have never had a knack for shopping and always dreaded the process. I doubted my tastes and was reluctant to spend money on clothes I would never wear. Fortunately, I found Loren to help me. What a find that was! I worked with Loren and she was fast, fun, efficient, and very effective. We met for a 2-hour shopping session and by the end, I had several new pieces that I was very satisfied with.

After her initial assessment of what I needed and my tastes, she had gone to a select few stores and set aside items that she thought would fit my style and needs. When I arrived for our session, I just went straight to the dressing rooms, tried on her selections, got her opinion, and then bought only the items I loved. I did more quality shopping in those 2 hours than I had in my entire life (no lie). Best of all, I had so much fun doing it, and it completely changed my attitude towards buying clothes. Following our shopping session, she emailed me tips and suggestions for accessories and other items. It was a great experience and I will definitely continue to enlist her help!"

-Linda | Mother of Three, Menlo Park, CA

I had just turned 40, was still hanging on to 25 extra post-pregnancy pounds, and hated everything in my closet. I had spent hundreds of dollars buying clothes that would make me feel better on any given day, never taking into consideration the quality of the garment or whether or not it was best suited for my body type. I had trouble putting together outfits, and was never truly comfortable with what I thought were cute combinations.  Even a simple outing to the grocery store meant 20 minutes in a chaotic, miss-matched, and dreary closet. 

When a friend suggested that I seek Loren's profeesional advice regarding my wardrobe, I thought, 'What do I have to lose?'

From minute one, Loren made me feel comfortable and encouraged that a solution was at hand. She meticulously (and without judgment) went piece by piece through my closet, keeping those items that made me taller, thinner, and dare I say...sexy? She taught me about my body shape, and gave me the tools (or 'rules') I needed that would make me a better shoper.

The end result? After a fabulous afternoon of shopping, and always keeping my budget in mind, Loren helped to bring back my self-confidence, and taught me how to make the most of the body that I currently have. She taught me the value of having fewer and better fitting items, which can transform your closet from hundreds of miss-matched pieces, to several solid and sophisticated looks.

This experience taught me most of all that it is MUCH more fun to shop with Loren than on my own.  She has my best interests in mind, and wants to help me look my best.  I can only imagine the money that I will be saving in the future now that I have my own stylist who will shop with/for me for each new season.  I am grateful to her for this life-changing experience"

-Janet | Teacher, Redwood City, CA

Loren did a great job of understanding my needs, presenting me with great options and facilitating the entire process...Most importantly, I am very satisfied with the outcome."

-Matt | Business Owner, Oakland, CA

I'm so happy to have met Loren! Not only did she completely reorganize my closet, she helped me part with clothes/shoes/handbags that were old, outdated or simply not suited for my body shape. It's interesting how having an organized closet helps me get dressed in the morning more quickly and feel more comfortable about how I look before I walk out the door.

Shopping with Loren was unlike any shopping experience I'd ever had alone or with girlfriends.  She had the change room filled with clothing and it was as organized as my new closet! I like to call it "shopping while standing still" because Loren had everything I needed so that I didn't have to run around trying to find something to suit me.  She elected colors and styles that I would never have tried that looked and felt great!

Loren also gave me the "rules" for my body shape, height and coloring which will help me to pull it all together when I don't have her by my side.


My shopping experience with Loren was really enjoyable and saved me the time that I can't take for myself with my busy life. Thank you Loren!"

-Goldie | Realtor, San Carlos, CA

This past spring I had the opportunity to be treated like I had never been before.  I had decided that it was time to update my look and style and turned to Loren for some much needed assistance. After spending hours in my closet, she cleaned the slate (leaving many empty hangers behind) and started me on a new path.  She took into careful consideration my unique assets (body type, height, skin complexion) and provide a list of the basics that would create a foundation from which I could spend months / years adding to.  Then came the really fun part.... shopping day, or more like shopping marathon.  She had carefully scouted out all the locations and fashion targets ranging from brand discount store to high-end fashion.  In every location we visited the clothes were ready (categorized, and arranged by outfits).  After 4 hours, even the most physically fit fashionista would have faulted but not her.  Even after trying on my one thousandth outfit (I may be exaggerating a bit here) she could sense my stamina was waning, and pulled out her secret weapon. A bag of candy treats!  This provided me with the second wind that carried me on to our final destination.  It's been a few months since this fantastic day, and I can honestly say that I'm just as excited every morning when picking my daily wears as I was from returning home that first day from the shopping extravaganza.

I would highly recommend that everyone treat themselves to fashion escape, and there is no one better to do that than Loren."

-Curtis | Technology, San Francisco, CA

Loren works miracles. Full stop. On my last trip with Loren, she picked out 3 swimsuits that I absolutely adored. I am a size 12 and I have never used the words adore and swimsuit in the same sentence before. On my ‘work wardrobe’ Loren also had a similar impact. I routinely get compliments from colleagues on what I’m wearing – also a totally new experience for me. Thank you Loren!

-Nicole | Director of Finance, San Francisco, CA

What a relief it is to go into my closet and know everything fits and looks perfect on me!  I have spent my whole life with shopping deficit disorder.  Thank you Loren for holding my hand and helping me be the best I can be.”

-Lisa | Small Business Owner, Laguna Niguel, CA

One day, I caught an unexpected glimpse of myself in a store window and was faced with the truth! The person I saw didn’t match the image of what I thought I looked like in my mind. My outfit was safe and boring. I couldn’t help but think about how unfortunate it was that I had much more of the same look in my closet at home. Thank you Loren, for working with me to learn about color styling, fashion trends for my age, and how minor changes can create a modern, fresh look to my existing wardrobe. Who knew that a chunky turquoise necklace could pull together a classic navy blue suit … not me, but each time I wear this outfit, I feel great because people respond to me in a positive and complimentary way. Isn’t that what fashion should do for you?”

-Patricia | Educational Administrator, Hermosa Beach, CA

In just a short time, Loren has really helped me learn how to mix today's fashions with styles that look good on my body type. I am a little overweight and have a curvy figure, so I often find it hard to find flattering styles, but Loren immediately showed me a number of great styles and outfits using a combination of my current wardrobe and some new pieces. She has a great eye; she will often pull something for me that I would never think would be flattering, but when I put it on, it's amazing! She can find great things at any store, from Neiman Marcus to H&M. Loren has also taught me how to incorporate accessories to really make an outfit look polished. I get compliments on my outfits all the time! Working with Loren is well worth the cost. Thank you Loren!"

-Jennifer | Lawyer, Menlo Park, CA

Having been very overweight for the last ten years, the last thing I wanted to do was go shopping. Even after loosing 57 pounds, my phobia surrounding shopping and trying on clothes was still quite real. The thought of the dressing room, trying on clothes, and the potential emotional impact of things not fitting was overwhelming. Once I talked with Loren, she made me feel at ease with the promise of her shopping for me ahead of time.

Prior to my appointment, Loren set aside many items for me within my budget. The salespeople in the stores had an established relationship with Loren and were so kind and helpful during our shopping experience. In fact, they complimented Loren on all her choices and her ability to put individualized looks together. Walking into the dressing room knowing that I did not have to ask a salesperson for another size, walk out onto the floor half naked or search aimlessly through the store was more comforting than I had imagined.

After my experience with Loren, my fear of shopping is much more under control. I left the store that day with numerous new pieces that not only worked together to form a variety of outfits, but Loren was able to find me pieces that work to enhance my current wardrobe. I have received compliment after compliment on my new, fun beautiful clothes and accessories. I would trust Loren’s “eye” any day. She had me try things I would have never selected on my own. She has allowed me to enjoy my new figure and has helped me to feel beautiful again.”

-Gabrielle | Elementary School Principal, Danville, CA

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